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Date: 28-Jun-2014
Name: Jean

I am so grateful to have a little insight into your gift and your beautiful fotografs - through your eyes I have the chance to be transported ot the far regions of this world and I feel like I am connected to distant individuals just by looking into their eyes - the eyes seen by you. There is joy and laughter, astonishment and wonder, pain and suffering, relief and healing, connection and awe.... Thank you so much for this!

Date: 29-Jun-2014
Name: Peter A.

Beautiful website and great photographs! Especially like the World-ball on a big screen with all its functions. Thank you for sharing… :)

Date: 29-Jun-2014
Name: Sam S

I knew you were a talented lady, my friend. Having looked at your work on this website, now I know you are a VERY talented lady. Your photos are superb and, in my humble opinion, good enough to appear in any magazine. Thank you.

Date: 29-Jun-2014
Name: Elton

Good job Iza. Such an inspiring life and you are amazing positive and this is well showed in the website. Congrats..

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